Toll in Germany: Toll charges on all federal roads from 1 July 2018

Toll in Germany: Toll charges on all federal roads from 1 July 2018


From 1 July 2018, the use of all federal roads in Germany will be subject to toll charges. In addition to 13,000 km of motorways, tolls will then also apply to 40,000 km of federal roads, raising the total toll network to approximately 53,000 km

The toll applies to vehicles from 7.5 t permitted total weight and the charge depends on the:

Driven number of kilometres Emission class Number of axles

There are three simple and flexible options for paying the toll: with an on-board unit, by Internet or using an App.

Traffic problems Gothenburg 16-17 nov 2017

On November 16-17, Heads of government gather from the 28 member states of EU in Gothenburg. Traffic to and from Gothenburg and surrounding areas will be affected.

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New surcharges 2015

SECA from January 1, 2015 the EU Sulphur Directive 2012/33/EU requiers a cut in sulphur emissions from all vessels operating the Baltic sea, the North sea and the English Channel, the sulphur areas (SECA). The shipping lines has announced a separate SECA Baf from January 1 2015.

First Cargo Sweden: A Different Type of Ocean Service

A couple of months ago, First Cargo was contacted by two gentlemen, Fredrik and Jimmy. They are best friends and down a security company together in Sweden. These two were craving an adventure so they decided to compete in a race called “Talisker Whisky Atlanc Challenge 2013.” These gentleman will be compeng in a 5000 KM race across the Atlanc from the island of Tenerife in the Canary Islands to the tropical Caribbean island of Angua . The race began on December 4th and the goal of each parcipang team is to make the journey within 60 days. Fredrik and Jimmy have been training for this event since 2011 and they plan to switch off in 2-hour intervals, with one resng and the other rowing. We’re sorry to report that if …

Varsling on transport and general strike in Spain

Transport strike:  23 May and 24 May in postal area code ES 08, ES 17, ES 43 and ES 25  May 27 without deadlines in postal area code ES 28, and in the next few areas.

General strike:  May 30 northern Spain in the postal area code ES 01, ES 20 and ES 48  This may cause delays in delivery.  We will continue to keep you informed

ECO TAXE / road tax in France

The introduction of the French road tax, HVG Eco Taxe, is scheduled to enter into force 1 januaari in 2014 and not in October as previously planned. Eco-Taxe will apply to vehicles with a weight exceeding 3500 kg. Currently we have no information on what this will mean in terms of cost, but will return as soon as we have that information. For more information